Intro to Hand Lettering Workshop

This 3-hour introductory class is perfect for all levels!

Learn the tools + techniques used to create gorgeous letterforms, sketch out ideas and refine concepts, learn how to incorporate flourishes into your work and create interesting compositions. Students will receive a lettering kit and other fun goodies to get you started on your lettering journey!

Saturday, August 24th
305-103 E. 4th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701



The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners

Hand lettering adds a fun, creative touch to crafts and projects―and the best way to learn is to start putting pen to paper! The Art of Hand Lettering for Beginners is a hands-on guide to master the art of lettering and create your own signature style.

  • 8 sample alphabets (4 cursive, 4 print) that offer stroke-by-stroke instruction and space to practice, plus downloadable practice sheets.

  • 20 projects that include thank-you cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, bunting, envelope liners, place cards, and more!

  • Create your own alphabet that provides guidance for personalizing your style with tips for incorporating different moods and tones for variety.



Hand Lettering: A Freelance Artist’s Guide

I teamed up with Brit & Co to bring you a class that's perfect for anyone looking to step up their lettering skills.

This intermediate class is tailored for artists already familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We'll go over every step of my freelance process - from sketches and compositions, to plotting anchor points in Illustrator and enhancing the whole piece in Photoshop. You’ll get a 10-page workbook full of insights, tips and tricks! As an added bonus, I also cover key insights to using Instagram to help boost your side business.