The Business of Hand Lettering

....Annnnd I'm back! I took a much-needed (and very long) break from blogging to focus on having fun with lettering again and not burdening myself with writing posts because I felt like I "had" to. That takes the fun out of things, y'know? A lot of fun things have happened in the past year but let's first recap a killer workshop that I wrapped up recently...

I was one of three instructors in a 3-day live online workshop on The Business of Hand Lettering that was hosted by Modern Thrive x Goodtype. Each instructor had their own one-hour session to talk about their respective freelance businesses and it was an honor to be presenting alongside two really great letterers! 

The Workshop

Day 1: Joanna Muñoz from Wink & Wonder (hey, that's me!)

  • How to find clients for your freelance business
  • Building an audience around your work
  • Finding your style and creating work that gets noticed

Day 2: Roxy Prima

  • How to create products from your designs
  • How to sell your hand-lettering products

Day 3: Ryan Hamrick

  • Creating a portfolio for commercial design
  • How to find clients and sell ideas
  • How to manage commercial design clients
  • Building your network and finding opportunity

My Takeaways

Being an instructor for a lettering workshop is a new experience for me. While the days (and minutes) leading up to it were nerve-racking, I feel like it was worthwhile to be able to share what I knew. Here are a few lessons I walked away with by the end of my session:

  • People want to learn what you're willing to teach.
  • Focus on your personal experiences when sharing stories. It makes it easier to talk about situations people can relate to.
  • You know more than you realize. All those years of hard work turn into experience and knowledge that you can then pass on.
  • Be honest. If you don't follow the status quo, say so. It gives people the confidence to try things their own way.
  • It's totally okay to take a shot of whiskey beforehand to calm your nerves. #liquidcourage

You Can Still Join In!

Did you miss sign-ups? No sweat! The workshop is now available on-demand over at Modern Thrive. Even though the instructors aren't presenting live, you'll still get access to all of the videos, follow-up course materials and private Facebook group (where all 3 instructors are available to answer questions). If you want some insight into the wonderful world of lettering, this is the perfect way to dive right in!