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A friend of mine wanted to learn calligraphy and asked if there were any classes available. I love getting detailed info when I ask for help and also like to pay that forward when people ask me for guidance, so I thought a dedicated post made the most sense!

I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of bookmarks, Pinterest boards and blogs I go to when doing research and looking for inspiration. For a newbie, all that content can be really overwhelming... I know I felt that way when I first wanted to learn. Rather than giving a vague answer, I sent my friend a list of favorite places, supplies and people to follow on their new calligraphic journey. Here's are some of my calligraphy-related favs:

Note: I updated the list on 12/1/16 to include more awesomeness!

• Paper & Ink Arts
• John Neal Books
Ashley Bush Ink
* I'm in love with AshBush's custom carrot holders. Check her Instagram feed for flash sales!

Basic Supplies
• Nikko G Nib
• Zebra Comic G Nib
Brause EF 66 Nib
Hiro 40 Nib
• Moon Palace Sumi Ink
Glass Ink Jar (S276 - 1oz.)
• Speedball Straight Holder
• Speedball Oblique Holder
Rhodia Paper

• Modern Calligraphy
• Mastering Cooperplate Calligraphy

Skillshare Classes
• Introduction to Modern Calligraphy
• Digitizing Calligraphy: From Sketch to Vector

• The Flourish Forum
• Modern Calligraphy Summit

Blogs / References
• Besotted Blog
• Antiquaria

Phew! ... and that's only a fraction of the stuff I have to share. If you need help, have questions or want to know more, send me an email!