Drool Less, Do More

The internet is a fantastic and wonderful space abundant with inspiration, but it can be overwhelming and a time-sink too. Let's drool less over what (really awesome) things other people are doing and focus more on producing work and honing your own skills. 

Stay focused:

  • Have a list of things you want to create so you never have to wonder what to work on next. I like to keep my list on my Notes app in my iPhone since I'm almost never without it.
  • Set your goal for the hour or day and work towards that. For example: Yesterday's personal goal was to sketch and vectorize the lettering above to practice using bézier curvesA small goal is always easier and less daunting than a larger one. 
  • Schedule a time and a time limit for browsing Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Working hard non-stop can be destructive in the long run. Reward yourself with a break every now and then. You totally deserve it!
  • Get up, walk around and stretch it out. It's good to give your muscles and eyes a solid rest if you've been working for hours at a time.