Refining Brush Strokes


This alliteration came to mind the other day (maybe I've got Halloween on the brain?) and I thought it'd be perfect as my next lettering piece. Since this was just for fun, I loosely sketched my composition in pencil and inked right over it with a brush pen. Note: Trying to use a brush pen is quite difficult when you are: A) rusty from lack of practice, B) hopped up on caffeine or C) all of the above... Jagged. Lines. Everywhere.

I could've started over but wanted to use this as an opportunity to share my process for refining brush strokes. (Smart, eh?) Armed with a 005 Sakura Pigma Micron, I went through letter by letter and smoothed everything out as best I could. Some lines are still thicker than others but I kind of like that about hand lettering, y'know? It's not perfect and I appreciate the inconsistencies even though the OCD in me wants to throw it out and start over...

So there you have it - a bit of my "oops, I messed up and need to fix it" process!